Cartae Sacrorum De Congregatio Europa

Euro Union Charter

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Article 28 - Membership Exclusion

Membership Exclusion (link)

No Society Member once accepted as a full member of the Union shall be permitted to be expelled or excluded from the Union, even when the Executive Government of the member state openly defies the primary of clauses of this Charter.

Instead, the Senate and the Executive of the Union shall have such rights and powers to restrict the membership rights and economic rights bestowed under this Charter until such time that the member state who is in breach of its obligations has willingly agreed to restore proper law and function.

This clause is in recognition of the inherent respect and honour bestowed to all the peoples of the Union that while they may be sometimes ill governed, it must never be an action of the Union to exclude the citizens of any member nation from their due rights to be recognized as part of the Union.

Furthermore, in knowing that a member state may in no way have its membership revoked by this Charter, it compels both the Executive Government of the Union and the state in breach to seek some resolution beyond acts of extreme isolation and provocation.

Voluntary Resignation from the Union (link)

While a State Member may not be expelled for any reason, a member state retains the absolute right to voluntarily resign from the Union, providing such action is lawful under its charter, that it is supported by two-thirds of the total eligible voting population, free from political intimidation and voting irregularities.

Where such conditions have been met, the Executive Government and all instrumentalities are instructed to undertake a comprehensive and clear process to disengage that member state from its obligations to the Union as well as withdraw all rights, title, property and privileges of membership according to the will of the free people of the State.

Where such conditions of voluntary resignation have not been met, then by this Charter such unilateral acts of a national executive government to resign from the Union shall be considered an illegitimate and illegal act in contravention of the will of the people of the member state. Where such an action occurs, the Executive Government by this clause is obliged to notify the Executive Government of the member state that their request is denied.

Exclusion of Banned and Illegal Corporate Entities (link)

Corporate entities listed as banned or illegal by the rules of this Charter shall be excluded from being permitted to join as Members.

Where a corporation is not listed or banned by the rules of this Charter but is found to undertake such willing and consistent conduct that is in gross breach of the articles of this Charter, then such a corporation shall be excluded from being permitted to join as a Member.

Excluded Individuals (link)

A man or woman or youth or new born associated with a completed valid registration and was born within the jurisdiction and bounds of the Union, or permanently domiciled within the jurisdiction and bounds of the Union for seven years or more cannot be excluded from being recognized as a valid Ordinary Member.